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Antonello Venditti Discografia 1972 2004


Antonello Venditti Discografia 1972 2004

. .The Labour party is increasingly concerned about the possibility of a re-run of the general election, with key party members pointing to a combination of the difficulties experienced by Leave.EU and of the results of the YouGov poll. The poll, which for the first time put the Conservatives level on 43 per cent of the vote, found that three in 10 people believed a second referendum would be the best way to settle the Brexit argument. The poll, carried out for the Guardian, found that the public were more supportive of an in/out referendum than a second referendum to allow the public to vote on whether to leave or remain in the EU. Labour MPs who represent Leave constituencies are also worried that the result of the referendum will be repeated in the absence of an obvious and unambiguous leadership. On the doorstep in Kensington, London, the MP said he and his colleagues were concerned about the possibility of a re-run. “The result of the referendum was a huge blow for Labour and the party of government. Jeremy’s response has been a massive disappointment,” he said. The poll, in which 2,000 people were interviewed in the run up to the 23 June election, found that Conservatives’ support was up eight points from 2015. There were 8.5 million votes cast in the election, an increase of more than two million. But Labour fell four points to 26 per cent, while the Liberal Democrats were down two points at 8 per cent. The Greens and Ukip both stayed at 5 per cent. Before last week’s election, when most parties said they would honour the result, Nigel Farage said he would not rule out a re-run if Labour or Ukip could demonstrate a mandate for Brexit. Since the election, both Labour and Ukip have made clear they want to keep the country in the EU, with some calling for a referendum. Labour’s position appears to have been strengthened by the difficulties faced by Leave.EU and the result of the YouGov poll. Leave.EU, which was founded by Arron Banks and Andy Wigmore, was fined almost £70,000 in March for illegal spending in the run-up to the EU referendum. Banks, who is a major donor to the Conservatives, has recently declared his intention to move from the UK. Leave.EU came under fire again last week when it emerged that he had accepted £500,000

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Antonello Venditti Discografia 1972 2004

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